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Enchanted mini necklace - purple
Enchanted mini necklace - purple

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Enchanted mini necklace - purple

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This enchanting fairy necklace is a delicate piece perfect for adding a touch of magic to any casual outfit. It features:

- Miniature Fairy Wings: Crafted with intricate detail, these tiny wings give the necklace a whimsical and enchanting appearance.
- Swarovski Pearl: A lovely suncatching Swarovski pearl adds a hint of elegance and sparkle, reflecting light beautifully.
- Extra Delicate Design: The necklace is designed to be exceptionally delicate and tiny, making it a subtle yet charming accessory.
- Perfect for Casual Wear: Its lightweight and dainty design make it an ideal choice for everyday wear, adding a sprinkle of fairy-tale charm to your look.

This necklace would make a lovely gift for anyone who loves fairy tales or enjoys wearing unique, delicate jewelry pieces.

The winged pendant has a size of 4,5cm x 2cm.
This is a ready to ship piece and will shipped within one week.