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Golden dusk leaf necklace - emerald
Golden dusk leaf necklace - emerald

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Golden dusk leaf necklace - emerald

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Introducing our lovely Delicate Fairy Necklace, a graceful adornment designed to enchant and inspire. Crafted from stainless steel chain, this necklace embodies both durability and elegance.

At its heart lies a golden leaf centerpiece, accented with a delicate teardrop pearl, evoking a sense of natural beauty and sophistication. Flanking the centerpiece are double pairs of intricately crafted handmade fairy wings, adding an ethereal touch to the design.

This enchanting necklace celebrates the ethereal beauty of fairies, blending whimsy with elegance. Whether worn for everyday enchantment or to add a magical touch to special occasions, our Delicate Fairy Necklace is sure to inspire wonder and delight wherever it goes.

Chain length is 42cm