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OOAK purple key amethyst globe
OOAK purple key amethyst globe
OOAK purple key amethyst globe
OOAK purple key amethyst globe

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OOAK purple key amethyst globe

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This special and unique medium-sized glass dome is filled with a magical woodland scene inspired by the Secret Garden. At its center lies an amethyst crystal, flanked by a handcrafted winged key. Adorned with numerous details, moss, and a double pair of lilac wings, the key is surrounded by a lovingly arranged composition of dried flowers and moss.

This artwork was created with selected materials and is a decorative object designed specifically for fairy lovers. It combines carefully chosen elements to create a particularly magical atmosphere and capture the spirit of the Secret Garden. For fairy enthusiasts, this glass dome is an enchanting object that invites them to immerse themselves in a world of dreams and magic.

16cm tall
12cm wide
The glass is removable for cleaning.

Each dome is meticulously crafted by me with hours of precision work and using only the best materials.

Please note that some of the dried flowers and grasses may come loose during shipping. For this reason, I always include significantly more material than necessary in my domes so that any lost material does not affect the appearance of the dome.