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About me

My magical world

Since I can remember, magical beings have been part of my world. As a child I looked for little fairies in the woods and that hasn't changed much to this day. Since I've been interested in art since a young age, it was never far from me to design and manufacture things myself later on. Four years ago I started to design individual pieces of jewelry for myself privately. It quickly turned into a great passion that I wanted to share with the outside world. I then managed to combine two of my greatest passions, art and my interest in myth, legends and mythical creatures. I designed my first elf ears in 2016. My interest in the most diverse pieces of jewelry grew and so there are now numerous, very different works in my repertoire. There is something for every fantastic heart. I find my greatest inspiration for my work in books, films and magical stories. Nature also plays a major role in my work. Let yourself be inspired by my world and transform yourself into a magical fairy being, with the help of my extraordinary elf ears, my ornate tiaras or with extravagant hair ornaments.

Pretty Ausgefuchst

Ausgefuchst - I knew immediately this was going to be my name. When I started exercising my passion three years ago, I didn't know where my path would lead me. I couldn't have known directly that very soon I would be producing almost exclusively fairy-oriented jewelry. In the beginning there was art and there was I. In addition to the great interest in mythical creatures, there is a very special animal that took my heart by storm years ago and raptured my soul. The Fox. The fox is my soul animal and my patronus. I have a very strong affection for foxes. Even at school, many of my classmates called me - Fox. When I had the opportunity to hold a real fox in my arms in 2015, one of my greatest dreams came true and I had the final confirmation that he and I have a lot in common. So nothing could describe me better than the statement - Ausgefuchst.

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I raised this shop in order to cut costs at Etsy fees which are enormously high. Etsy has helped me grow in the beginning of my shop life but is taking way too much from me now as I grew bigger. In order to support me please shop here on my own web shop